About Castlerock

Castlerock was initially founded as an energy advisory firm during the rapid expansion of the sector throughout Asia during the mid-1990s.Within a couple years, however, the Asian financial crisis crippled the sector. This boom-and-bust cycle has continued since then, and though each phase of the cycle may be triggered by different causes, no doubt it will continue in the future. Through these ups and downs we have remained trusted advisors to our clients, helping them seize opportunities and defend against threats that come with each new phase of the cycle.

This experience has taught us to focus on the fundamentals and to recognize that what today is fashionable may fall out of favor tomorrow, only to return 5 or 10 years hence. The experience and insights we have gained in this dynamic environment have shaped our principal energy sector offerings.

Depth of Services

The depth of our services creates synergies and generates insights that distinguish us from other professional advisory firms focusing on these sectors. Our experience with policy and regulatory development helps us design better projects. Conversely, our project-specific experience helps us formulate policy and strategy that is realistic, effective and implementable.

Our Business

Castlerock Consulting provides advisory services to government, state-owned & private enterprises, and commercial & development financial institutions. Our work spans formulation of high-level policy and strategy to preparation of and implementation support for capital projects in energy and other infrastructure sectors.

Our History

Castlerock was established in Jakarta in 1996 as PT Hagler Bailly Indonesia, a subsidiary of the US-based publicly-listed professional services firm Hagler Bailly Inc.

Our History

In 2000, UK-based PA Consulting Group acquired Hagler Bailly and its subsidiaries throughout the world, and the firm was renamed PT PA Consulting Indonesia.

Our History

In 2009 PA divested its shares in the company, and the company took the name PT Castlerock Consulting. Castlerock operates a company in Singapore, Castlerock Consulting Pte Ltd, which serves the region, while PT Castlerock Consulting focuses on Indonesia.


Our Teams

As the following pages attest, Castlerock excels using multidisciplinary approaches to help our clients succeed. This of course requires a diverse range of expertise among our people. Our personnel have backgrounds in business, finance, engineering, accounting, science, information technology as well as the liberal arts.

Regional Coverage

Our focus on Southeast Asia and the Pacific and long-term presence in this region have established us as trusted advisors to our clients. Physical proximity to our clients enables us to be more responsive to client needs, and allows us to develop and maintain long-term relationships. Most importantly, this enables us to go beyond just sharing insights with and making recommendations to our clients. We can work side-by-side with them to implement change successfully, and thereby create real value for our clients.

Corporate Strategy and Utility Operational Improvement

Castlerock has helped electricity companies develop business strategies, restructure their operations and improve performance.

Project Name Year
ADB Independent Verification Agent for RBL for Sustainable and Reliable Energy Access Program (SREAP) – Western and Central Java 2023-2024
1,000 Islands – Renewable Energy for Electrification Programme Phase 2 2021-2023
Technical Assistance and Monitoring Support to Prepare Indonesia Sustainable Least-cost Electrification (ISLE-1) in Maluku and Nusa Tenggara 2023
KfW Independent Verification Agent for Sustainable Energy Access in Eastern Indonesia – Electricity Grid Development Program for Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara 2020-2023
ADB Independent Verification Agent for Sustainable Energy Access in Eastern Indonesia – Electricity Grid Development Program for Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan, Maluku and Papua 2020-2024
PPP Project Preparation and Investor Support, Due Diligence and Financial Advisory Support

The firm has also assisted lenders and investors with preparation or due diligence of specific power projects.

Project Name Year
Indonesia Just Energy Transition Partnership (I-JETP) 2023
Supporting Sustainable and Efficient Energy Policies and Investments in Indonesia (SSEEPI) 2020-2022
Indonesia Renewable Energy Program (MENTARI) 2020-2024
Consultancy Services to Support the Development of Water Supply Roadmap Policy Note and Framework for Regional Water Supply and Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Water Supply Sector 2019-2020
Indonesia Repowering Due Diligence 2018-2019
Government Investment Project Preparation including Feasibility Studies

Castlerock works with government clients to screen and prepare infrastructure investment projects for government implementation including technical, market and financial analysis.

Project Name Year
Determining the Value of the proposed Indonesia Upper Cisokan Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Project 2020-2021
Supporting Sustainable and Efficient Energy Policies and Investments in Indonesia (SSEEPI) 2020-2022
PLTP Sarulla Study 2018
Pre-Feasibility Study and Feasibility of Waste-to-Energy Project in the City of Bau-bau and in the Regency of Bima 2017-2018
Sulse MHPP Dispatch Review 2017
Business Strategy and Market Assessments

Castlerock has advised some of the largest energy and infrastructure companies in the world on the Indonesian renewable energy market, including opportunities, risks and entry strategies.

Project Name Year
Southeast Asian Energy Transition Partnership (ETP) 2021
Support for the Development of a Sustainable Vision and Pathway for the Indonesia Power Sector focus on least-cost planning and energy transition sections 2021
Sustainable Infrastructure Assistance Program Phase II – Supporting Sustainable and Universal Electricity Access Phase 2 – Climate Change and Carbon Market Specialist 2020
Indonesia Food Loss and Waste Data Collection 2020
PLN Sustainable Financing Framework 2020
Planning, Regulatory Support and Policy Development

Castlerock has worked with governments, multilateral lenders and regulated companies to prepare plans as well as to develop and implement energy sector policies and regulations.

Project Name Year
APEC Bioenergy Workshop 2021
Sustainable Energy for Indonesia’s Advancing Resilience (SINAR) 2021-2026
Electric Transportation and Charging Infrastructure – Energy Policy Specialist 2020-2021
Supporting Sustainable and Efficient Energy Policies and Investments in Indonesia (SSEEPI) 2020-2022
Sustainable Infrastructure Assistance Program Phase II – Innovative Infrastructure Financing, Infrastructure Planning, and Program Management Support – Strategic Planning Specialist 2020

Work with Castlerock

The Castlerock presently employs twenty permanent personnel and has a rich network of independent subcontractors available to provide specialist support on specific assignments. Castlerock has conducted more than 100 assignments throughout Asia ranging from small, specialized advisory assignments valued in the tens of thousands of US dollars, to complex, high-profile, multi-year undertakings valued at over USD 5 million.

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