Kemal Unggul Prakoso

Senior Consultant

Kemal Unggul Prakoso holds Ph.D in Environmental sciences in 2006, and M.Sc in Geo-information Science from Wageningen University, the Netherlands in 2000 and B.Sc from Physics ITB, Bandung, Indonesia, in 1991. He specialised on application of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing.

Kemal have been working with GIS and Remote sensing since 1991 where he currently holds as a senior consultant in Castlerock Consulting with main jobs in modelling and designing for Energy System Planning based on GIS and remote sensing data spatial for least cost planning electricity and renewable energy resources and also low carbon project development. He made a based and thematic maps by using and GIS and remote sensing data (e.q. google imagery) for all over Indonesia. Develop techniques, procedure and assessment for thematic mapping. High proficiency in GIS and remote sensing software, programming, spatial database development, web-GIS, working knowledge of open source systems (e.q. openlayers). Interests in any technically challenging applications of GIS and remote sensing classification analysis, programming, computation and modelling including internet web based application.

On GIS and remote sensing project specialist consultant for Supporting Energy Sector modelling Regulatory Capacity and Electrification Investment Planning for the country, He has experience in several countries such as: Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Republic of Fiji.