Indah Dwi Rachmawati


As an Energy and Climate Change Economist, Indah analyzes how energy choices impact the environment and economy. With a professional background in both conventional and renewable energy projects, she possesses a nuanced understanding of feasibility, cost-benefit, efficiency, and policy analysis. Indah focuses on assessing the economic viability of transitioning to sustainable energy sources to address climate change.

Her prior work at Castlerock featured the MENTARI project, a United Kingdom and Indonesia low-carbon energy partnership to develop low-carbon energy in Indonesia to achieve inclusive economic growth, poverty reduction, electrification, and climate change goals. In her previous roles, she had successfully completed the smart geothermal industrial loop feasibility study in Australia, climate change policy analysis in Australia water management, energy masterplan analysis, a comprehensive cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment in Indonesia, carbon waste reduction in Indonesia ecolabel certification, waste mapping along the river in Indonesia, and biofuel production in Indonesia.

Indah, a first-class honor in Master of Environmental Systems Engineering at the University of Melbourne (2023) and cum laude graduate in Chemical Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology (2019), has been recognized with the G20 Australia Awards Scholarship and excellence awards at the IQPC International conference. Proficient in environmental data analysis using Python, she continues to contribute valuable insights to the intersection of energy, economics, and sustainability.