KPMG PIP Geothermal (Loan Appraisal Services to the Geothermal Fund Facility (GFF) in Pusat Investasi Pemerintah (PIP), Indonesia)

Castlerock Consulting provided 2014-2015 loan appraisal service for potential geothermal exploration related to the Geothermal Fund Facility. Castlerock Consulting was responsible for all technical aspects required including:

  • Reviewing the loan appraisal methodology in the GFF Management Manual from a technical perspective and, if necessary, providing inputs and suggested revisions to its implementation, subject to KPMG, PIP’s and LCS’ agreement.
  • Castlerock Consulting conducted evaluation and analysis of the resources assessment to identify the technical feasibility, risks (e.g. vulcanological hazards and major environmental issues) and necessary mitigation measures.
  • Castlerock provide input into the technical aspects of (i) recommendations on loan size, loan covenants and necessary loan terms and conditions based on its financial, legal and technical analysis; (ii) A comprehensive financial, legal and technical risk matrix and a risk mitigation strategy; and (iii) if necessary assist PIP during the assessment to undertake financial remodelling and / or to review technical adjustments before and / or during loan negotiation sessions with the prospective borrowers.