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Since our establishment in 1996, we have conducted more than 100 assignments in Indonesia and throughout Asia, including high profile, multi-year assignments valued at over USD 8 million. The firm has served clients in a dozen countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region, including multilateral agencies, such as The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Bilateral agencies such as AFD, DFID,KfW and USAID, State-owned enterprises and Multinational corporations.

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Existing National and Local Financing in Indonesia

Project size SMALL


Under this 2010-2011 GTZ PAKLIM study, Castlerock identified the appropriate financing options  based on the existing instruments, as well as recommendation of other possible options. One of the deliverables of this assignment is a Directory of Financing Sources for Mitigation Actions for Local /City Government (Direktori Pembiayaan Aksi Mitigasi di Perkotaan).

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2010-2011 |

Development and Implementation of Pricing and Incentive Policy to Address Incremental Costs of Geothermal Power Development

Project size


This World Bank-financed assignment from 2010 until 2011  formulated and helped the Government of Indonesia to implement policies, pricing mechanisms and regulations to promote the investment in geothermal power projects necessary to meet Government targets. The assignment entailed:  Confirmation of geothermal resources at 50 potential geothermal fields, Evaluation of levelized power production costs at...

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2010 |

Preparation of an Investor Guide for PPP Infrastructure in Indonesia

Project size MEDIUM


This AusAID, 2010 assignment objective was to prepare the Investor Guide for the April 2010 Asia Pacific Infrastructure Ministerial Conference on PPP Infrastructure and to provide private investors with an overview of how Indonesia’s PPP program operates. Castlerock Consulting was responsible to determine / agree content, prepare draft text, consult on draft, refine document...

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Advisory Services for Development of Business Strategy and Implementation Plan for PT. PLN Geothermal

Project size LARGE


The objectives of the PLN Geothermal 2009-2010 assignment were to help PLN-G establish a business strategy and to prepare a detailed plan for its implementation. Castlerock proactively identified and engaged key stakeholders in the course of this work and provided a concise means for communicating it to PLN and other stakeholders. Castlerock Consulting conducted...

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