Training Consultant for the Support Measure Geothermal Development Aceh (Seulawah Agam)

The overarching goal of the 2012 KfW training activities was to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Aceh (Pemerintah Aceh) and other associated government organisations to enable them to assume their role as public partner in the preparation, implementation and operation of the Seulawah Agam geothermal power project and subsequent projects in Aceh province in a successful, reliable and sustainable way. The project entailed assisting Pemerintah Aceh and other stakeholders in gaining a solid understanding of the management of a complex, interdisciplinary geothermal project, including geo-scientific, technical, legal, financial and economic aspects. The training strategy was formulated particularly strengthen the capabilities of these institutions in their cooperation with the Transaction Advisor – to carry out the greenfield tendering – as well as in their interaction with the private partner of a PPP structure.

Castlerock provided training courses, seminars, workshops and site visits relevant to all aspects of the development of the Seulawah Agam geothermal power project. In particular, Castlerock 

  • Provided on-the-job training to Pemda Aceh, the Seulawah Geothermal Team (SG Team) and PT. Perusahaan Daerah Pembangunan Aceh (together the “Counterparts”) to enable them to fulfil their role as public partner in the envisaged PPP with relevant activities of greenfield tendering. Training on-the-job  included support in land acquisition procedures; obtaining licenses and permits for the implementation of the Seulawah Agam geothermal power project; establishing a public project information centre; establishing fair and transparent rules for compensating any loss of land, if necessary; supporting PEA with fulfilling the reporting requirements towards KfW.
  • Long term capacity building on project planning, execution, monitoring and reporting, including Feasibility Studies and Business Plans; techniques in exploration and utilization of geothermal resources; tendering, tender evaluation and award; legal and regulatory framework for geothermal power projects in Indonesia; environmental and social aspects and compensation measures; license issues including environment and land use related licensing issues; financial structuring of geothermal projects; Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as source of co-financing of geothermal projects; process management and controlling, including Management Information System for Projects; financial cost and activity accounting; structuring of PPPs (all aspects, including legal, organizational and financial etc.); and structure of Power Purchase Agreement