Support for the Development of a Sustainable Vision and Pathway for the Indonesia Power Sector focus on least-cost planning and energy transition sections

Castlerock delivered a World Bank report to assist the World Bank Team in engaging and advising the Government of Indonesia in the formulation of a compelling and sustainable medium/long-term vision for the country’s power sector. The assignment is divided into three stages:

  • Stage I: Review of the power sector’s situation: This stage was comprised of the identification of the key challenges in the sector and the root causes.
  • Stage II: Defining the future vision: Castlerock team served as facilitators rather than advisors to establish a future vision. The work consists of, workshops, focus group discussions and stakeholder’s engagement on a one-on-one basis to allow more open discussion, including with former officials.
  • Stage III: Development of a Road Map to achieve the vision: As in Stage II, one-on-one discussions with current stakeholders and former officials were conducted to develop a clear road map to achieve the future vision as defined in stage II. Again, in this stage, Castlerock acts as facilitators rather than advisors