Strengthening Public and Private Climate Finance in Asia

This 2012-2013 Climate Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) funded  assignment explored the climate funding options available to Vietnam and to strengthen the capacities of the governments to optimise these opportunities for enabling climate compatible development. This includes the analysis of the climate finance issues at the country level, and financing options in each target area. 

As a priority action, the project  mapped and analysed the existing funding architecture, channels, and actors within Vietnam and scope the potential for accessing additional sources of funding and structuring climate finance internally. Activities including stakeholder mapping, multi-stakeholder dialogues and consultations, workshops and focus group discussions constituted the scoping phase of project.

Castlerock was responsible for 

  • Compiling the updated information on the international Climate Finance schemes available and climate change mitigation/adaptation strategies,  and (ii)  conducted a desk review on collected documents. 
  • Interviewing key stakeholders in Vietnam: Castlerock held interviews with the public and private stakeholder in the field of climate finance in Vietnam to assess their needs.
  • Preparing the initial assessment.

Based on the literature research/desk study and the interviews, Castlerock prepared the initial assessment on Vietnam needs in Climate Finance and their prioritised sectors for measures. The inputs in initial assessment supported GIZ/CDKN in the development of the National Climate Change Finance Roadmap.