Preparation of an Investor Guide for PPP Infrastructure in Indonesia

This AusAID, 2010 assignment objective was to prepare the Investor Guide for the April 2010 Asia Pacific Infrastructure Ministerial Conference on PPP Infrastructure and to provide private investors with an overview of how Indonesia’s PPP program operates. Castlerock Consulting was responsible to determine / agree content, prepare draft text, consult on draft, refine document text, negotiate changes, prepare final draft and publish Investor Guide. The guide. 

In general, the Investor’s Guide provided information on what private investors should know about investing in Indonesia’s Infrastructure. The Investor’s Guide provided an overview of the Government of Indonesia’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) framework. It laid out the road map for PPP project development in Indonesia, highlighting the principles the Government has adopted and the facilities it provided to private partners under its PPP framework. By providing an overview of how Indonesia’s PPP program operates, it can help direct an investor’s assessment of a specific project opportunity.