Electrification Planning Consultation Workshop for Cambodia

Castlerock organized an ADB 2-day training session for government agencies involved in energy planning, regulation, rural electrification and implementation of energy projects to discuss principles and processes for building national electrification programs, present the principles of GIS-based least-cost electrification planning, its successful application in Asia and Africa, how it can complement ongoing energy work in the country and will discuss the outline of a plan for potential least cost electrification planning in Cambodia, which incorporated

  • Principles and processes for building national electrification programs
  • The basic concept of GIS-based least cost electrification planning and its nexus with the goal of achieving universal energy access
  • Case studies from Indonesia, the Pacific and other countries where GIS-based least electrification planning has been successfully applied
  • Tools available for geospatial electrification planning particularly ‘Network Planner’, a web-based software platform used for electricity planning
  • Features, functionalities and use of Network Planner for geospatial electrification planning including compilation of data such as population and settlements, existing grid infrastructure, administrative boundaries, cost and definition of settlements
  • Discussion the Government’s plans for universal electricity access and existing data available that can serve as basis for a least cost electrification plan
  • Discussion a basic outline of a plan for preparing a national GIS-based least cost electrification plan in the country, including budget, timeline, resources required, etc.