City Development Initiative in Asia (CDIA)

This 2012 consulting service consisted of the development of a resource guide that  provided practical guidance for local leadership and decision makers, i.e. mayors, councilors, city treasurers and finance officials on how to best create opportunities for cities to better access climate finance. This was intended to  help cities to prioritize and implement climate resilient and green investments, focusing on both climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Castlerock work consisted of:

  • Literature review on existing climate finance available that could be accessed by cities. The review will include assessment on research/program on identification of financing sources for mitigation and adaptation measures for cities covered in CDIA countries.
  • Identification of financing sources at international level: Castlerock evaluates programs and funds available at international level that could be accessed for financing climate change adaptation and mitigation measures at city level.
  • Summary of existing financing instruments for financing climate change mitigation and adaptation measures at city level. Evaluation of the experiences in various countries regarding the leverage of public finance to stimulate private sector investment for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.
  • Preparation of climate finance guidelines and policy paper