Assessment of Mini-hydro Projects in North Sumatera, Indonesia

A major Asia based foreign investor wished to evaluate the potential acquisition of stakes in two mini-hydro power projects in North Sumatera. The 2017 study assessed (i) the prevailing Indonesian renewable power regulations and mini-hydro development activity, (ii) the readiness of the nearby grid to absorb the power from these plants, (iii) the economic competitiveness of these plants on the Sumatera grid, and (iv) the likely purchase price for electricity from these projects based on prevailing regulations.

  • Castlerock undertook a regulatory and market overview of the mini-hydro (< 10 MW) power market in Indonesia and Southeast Asia and
  • Reviewed the high-voltage transmission network in Sumatera, including status of the existing grid and timing of plan additions
  • Prepared a long-term expansion plan