Advisory Services for Development of Business Strategy and Implementation Plan for PT. PLN Geothermal

The objectives of the PLN Geothermal 2009-2010 assignment were to help PLN-G establish a business strategy and to prepare a detailed plan for its implementation. Castlerock proactively identified and engaged key stakeholders in the course of this work and provided a concise means for communicating it to PLN and other stakeholders.

Castlerock Consulting conducted the following activities under this assignment: 

  • Baseline Assessment to evaluate external factors such as the prevailing market, regulatory and competitive environment for geothermal power development and operation in Indonesia, as well as internal factors such as views, competencies and resources available to PLN-G and PLN. 
  • Strategic Analysis to assess the purpose, intent and aspirations of PLN-G and its owner, PLN, and define a strategy accordingly.
  • Process Review to determine the high-level work processes PLN-G must undertake to achieve its objectives.
  • Initiative Development to formulate the specific actions PLN-G must take to establish and conduct the processes necessary to achieve the company’s strategic vision.
  •  Implementation Planning to sequence and schedule the activities under each initiative to come up with a high-level implementation plan and reflect this plan and likely outcomes in a financial forecast covering the first 5 years of operation.