Technical Assistance Programme for Enhancing the Offer of Green Financing of PT SMI

The role of the 2016-2018 AFD technical assistance will thus be to provide focused technical support to PT-SMI by assessing their needs of capacity reinforcement and proposing a tailored training program.

In this assignment, Castlerock:

  • Assessed their needs of capacity reinforcement in (i) environmental and safety aspects; (ii) technical and financial assessment of projects; (iii) origination of projects; (iv) communication. 
  • Proposed a tailored training program on (i) Environmental Social Management System (ESMS); (ii) project finance; (iii) Climate change business model and issues; (iv) Environmental and social risks and assessment; (v) Technical aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
  • Performed assessment of project feasibility studies (on both their technical and financial aspects) together with PT-SMI, as a practical exercise and on-the-job training.
  • Communicated, promoted, sourced, and selected Renewable Energy (RE), Energy Efficiency (EE) and Climate Change (CC) projects to fuel their pipe of projects to be financed.