Sumba, Indonesia

Scaling Up Renewable Energy Access in Eastern Indonesia

Under this ADB 2013-2015 technical assistance (TA 8287), Castlerock formulated a detailed energy access plan for Sumba Island Eastern Indonesia, to prepare specific near-term investment projects for public and/or private financing to the standards of the ADB; and to strengthen the Government’s ability to design and implement energy access programs.

  • Castlerock reported on the policy and financing environment for expanding energy access in Indonesia and a including a review of global best practices and implications for Indonesia – including (i) review of past studies and legislation, (ii) confirmation of objectives and governance, (iii) define critical success factors and (iv) define service standards.
  • Castlerock conducted three pre-feasibility analysis for IPP projects including technical, financial, economic and social aspects, and a procurement plan.
  • The assignment also included review and evaluation of the government’s ongoing energy access programs and illustrative business models for scaling up energy access through public, public-private, private sector led initiatives.