Indonesia Just Energy Transition Partnership (I-JETP)

Castlerock provided Project Finance Expert who will undertake the following tasks:

  • Review and comment on detailed workplan prepared by FWG
  • Contribute to preparation of first draft of discussion guides to support stakeholder engagement across public and private sectors
  • Participate in first set of focus group discussions with public and private sector stakeholders and distill key learnings as inputs to the CIPP
  • Review and refine proposed criteria to prioritize I-JETP projects/programs eligible for financing
  • Support coordination with IPG members to confirm their financing commitments under I-JETP and identify financing that can be drawn on for proposed projects/program under I-JETP based on the resources committed in the Joint Statement from IPG and GFANZ
  • Provide comments on financing structures developed by GFANZ for “quick-win” opportunities
  • Review and refine the draft technical assistance paper prepared by ADB based on $2 million grant from Japan Fund for Prosperous and Resilient Asia and the Pacific
  • Review and comment on domestic financial sector reforms proposed by FWG to scale up infrastructure financing to meet JETP goals
  • Review and comment on strategy proposed by FWG to leverage additional financial resources for just energy transition activities and,
  • Propose appropriate uses of the JETP financing identified to ensure it is allocated effectively across the CIPP priorities recognizing the need to use scarce public financing to catalyze private finance and develop the approaches and structures that could support financing of the CIPP priorities.