Lisa Wijayani

Climate Change Economist

Lisa Wijayani has more than 10 years of professional experience in the area of economic development and green economy focuses on low carbon emission.

During her career, Lisa served at various institutions such as the ASEAN Secretariat, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and national think tank – Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) to foster policy development in Indonesia, within ASEAN, and in the context of the G20. She has specifically involved in the policy development and undertaken research in the field of just energy transition, climate change, sustainable finance, waste management, circular economy, market integration, and sustainable trade development.

Lisa received her master’s degree with a major in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Prior to her master’s degree, Lisa studied Business and Management at the College of Dupage, in Illinois, USA.

Lisa led a climate diplomacy programme in Southeast Asia to strengthen climate ambition through accelerating energy transition and mobilizing climate finance. She was also the Civil20 (C20) working group lead of Environment, Climate Justice, and Energy Transition (ECEWG) in Indonesia’s presidency in the G20.

Currently, Lisa has published articles and co-write papers that focuses on low carbon economic development, such as Indonesia’s carbon tax, small step towards a giant transition, Siloed sectors hold back the energy transition, Fostering the Role of the Creative Economy toward the ASEAN Green Transition and Sustainable Economic Recovery, UNEP Emission Gap Report 2021, and Sustainable Finance Outlook.

Lisa works in her native Bahasa Indonesia, as well as in English.