Aloysius Damar Pranadi


Aloysius Damar Pranadi is a power and renewable energy policy associate in Castlerock. He has 7+ years professional experience in various energy development programmes, in ASEAN and in Indonesia. Before joined Castlerock, Damar was a power sector analyst for ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) i from 2016-2020, a junior researcher for the Engineering Research Centre Universitas Gadjah Mada from 2015-2016. He also was accredited as Volunteer Junior Engineer in Energi Bersih Indonesia Foundation from 2014-2016 before advancing to his present rank as supporting director (volunteer). He conducted a undergraduate thesis on geothermal power plant engineering issues, supported by PT Pertamina (Persero) and graduated from Electrical Engineering, Universitas Indonesia with his thesis covering Peer-to-Peer Solar Rooftop. He is a consulting team member for both Indonesian and regional power and renewable programmes:

· UK-Indonesia MENTARI Programme focusing on the energy policy strand. · USAID Clean Power Asia (5-year programme): ASEAN Interconnection Master Plan + RE Data Explorer in ASEAN with NREL United States (a study of Exploring Renewable Energy Opportunities in Select Southeast Asian Countries: A Geospatial Analysis of the LCOE of Utility Scale Wind and Solar PV) · ACE-CREEI 10 Years Studies Programme (10-year programme): The Roadmap for Innovative Scale Development of Solar PV in AMS and the Suggested Applications (2020), ASEAN Prospects for Electricity Accessibility (2020) and on Power Interconnection Projects (2019), ASEAN Power Cooperation Report (2017)

· GIZ ASEAN: Renewable Energy Support Programme (2 years) and ASEAN Germany Energy Programme (2 years): ASEAN Energy Outlook 5 (2017) and The 6th ASEAN Energy Outlook (2020), Levelised Cost of Electricity of Selected Renewable Technologies in the ASEAN Member States version 1 (2016) and LCOE Version 2 (2020) and other renewable energy policies

· ACE-Korean Energy Economic Institute (KEEI): Microgrid (2016), ODA for Energy (2017), waste to energy (2018/19) · ACE-CETERI: Clean Coal Roadmap in ASEAN (2019) · ACE-IEA: ASEAN Multilateral Power Trade (2019) · Installation of Solar PV: 55 kW Solar PV Ice Block Maker in Maratua Island, East Kalimantan · Installation of Solar PV: 20+ kW Solar PV Water Pumping System in Panggang Village, Yogyakarta

He is involved in various capacity building, power studies and collaboration with global entities such as IEA, IRENA, NUPI, GIZ, KEEI (Korea), WCA, ERIA, CREEI (China), etc. His expertise ranges from power economics, power planning, renewable energy planning and renewable energy project development to renewable energy policy analysis and modelling. He has conducted t training for LCOE or Solar PV Economics under ASEAN Centre for Energy (2018-2019), PT Energi Biru Indonesia (2019) and Energi Bersih Indonesia Foundation (2020)