Castlerock Consulting

IT Solution Evaluation, Selection and Implementation Supervision

Evaluating, Selecting, and Supervising Implementation of IT Solutions to Meet the Needs of the Enterprise

Many organizations look to packaged software to reduce the risk, time and cost of custom system development and implementation. However a common danger when evaluating software is that the selection process becomes an end in itself rather than simply being a prelude to solving the business problem.

Castlerock’s evaluation methodology quickly arrives at a short-list of candidates then facilitates a representative group of stakeholders through an evaluation of each products functionality via tightly scripted vendor demos of the products. Castlerock’s fast-track approach delivers results in weeks, rather than months or years.

In some cases, clients require the preparation of IT bid documents and subsequent bid evaluation that comply with guidelines of funding agencies such as the World Bank or ADB. Castlerock is fully familiar with these requirements, having conducted assignments for independent validation and verification (IVV) for procurement of large multilateral bank-financed IT projects.

The selection of a large, complex system, particularly of a mission-critical nature, demands rigorous supervision of the solution vendor's performance. Castlerock also works with clients to help manage the project, establish control processes, assure quality and confirm vendor performance.