Castlerock Consulting

IT Transformation

Your IT group provides an extensive portfolio of essential services to the organization. These services run the spectrum, from technical stewardship of the IT assets and infrastructure, to providing help desk assistance, to offering training classes and competent project management.

Bottom line : The IT group is a customer service organization. Customer satisfaction is key to its success. But if asked, how would our “customers” rate the services and service levels we provide?

IT Transformation starts with an evaluation of how IT as service provider interacts with the organization as service consumer, then designs frameworks, both organizational and process, that will transform the IT group into a mature service enterprise. Our structured, collaborative methodology leads the client team to identify core services, rank them by value, set agreed service levels then put in place the vehicles to deliver them. The result is a new service covenant that’s accepted and understood by both IT and the organization. Where appropriate, Castlerock personnel will apply tools and standards such as ITIL or COBIT-related guidelines as references.

Is your IT unit a customer service organization? Mature, successful service organizations have distinct characteristics:

  • A true customer service posturing & attitude

  • Success is based on measurable & predictable enterprise-wide processes

  • Defined and agreed metrics to measure and monitor service

  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for trained staff in support roles

  • Service-enabling tools have been developed and implemented to manage and monitor service delivery