Castlerock Consulting


Creating Value for Clients

Castlerock Consulting provides advisory services to government, state-owned & private enterprises, and commercial & development financial institutions in the fields of energy, infrastructure and information technology (IT). Our work spans formulation of high-level policy and strategy to preparation of and implementation support for capital projects in these fields. We have offices in Jakarta and Singapore, and have served clients throughout Asia.

The depth of our services creates synergies and generates insights that distinguish us from other professional advisory firms focusing on these sectors. Our experience with policy and regulatory development helps us design better projects. Conversely, our project-specific experience helps us formulate policy and strategy that is realistic, effective and implementable.

Similarly, the breadth of our experience across these three fields enables us to build upon the deeper linkages between them. For example, the understanding of state budgeting we gained through our work on Indonesia’s new treasury system helped us to develop a more realistic roadmap for preparation of specific infrastructure projects the Government is planning using a public-private partnership (PPP) approach. And our knowledge of the Government’s broad infrastructure PPP support mechanisms is helping us formulate more effective geothermal power incentive policies as well as helping companies assess specific geothermal power opportunities.

In addition, our focus on Asia and long-term presence in the region have established us as trusted advisors to our clients. Physical proximity to our clients enables us to be more responsive to client needs, and allows us to develop and maintain long-term relationships. Most importantly, this enables us to go beyond just sharing insights with and making recommendations to our clients. We can work side-by-side with them to implement change successfully, and thereby create real value for our clients.



Castlerock was established in Jakarta in 1996 as PT Hagler Bailly Indonesia, a subsidiary of the US-based publicly listed professional services firm Hagler Bailly Inc. In 2000, UK-based PA Consulting Group acquired Hagler Bailly and its subsidiaries throughout the world, and the firm was renamed PT PA Consulting Indonesia. In 2009 PA divested its shares in the company, and the company took the name PT Castlerock Consulting. Castlerock operates a company in Singapore, Castlerock Consulting Pte Ltd, which serves the region, while PT Castlerock Consulting focuses on Indonesia.

Since our establishment in 1996, we have conducted more than 40 assignments in Indonesia and throughout Asia. More information on our past experience is provided under our experience.