Castlerock Consulting

Our work for the National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia (Bappenas) provides an example of the full range of our infrastructure offerings. In the course of that assignment, Castlerock:

  • Prepared government regulations to establish and operationalize the Public Private Partnership Central Unit (P3CU) within Bappenas to accelerate infrastructure development on a PPP basis, taking into account experience of other countries.

  • Defined the functions and organization of the P3CU, its sources of funding, staffing plan and job descriptions for key personnel.

  • Prepared standard operating procedures (SOPs), tools and templates for each stage of the PPP project development cycle.

  • Drawing on these tools, supported preparation of specific projects including:

    • An airport rail project

    • A set of toll roads

    • A set of geothermal power projects

    • Screening of potential PPP infrastructure projects by a regional government