Castlerock Consulting

Examples of our Energy Policy & Regulatory Development work include :

  • For the Government of Indonesia under ADB financing, Castlerock established an electricity tariff rationalization strategy to balance financial viability of the sector, economic efficiency, and social objectives of the Government in the wake of a four-fold depreciation of the rupiah due to the Asian financial crisis.

  • In a series of multi-year technical assistance projects financed by the World Bank and ADB, Castlerock worked with the Government of Indonesia to help develop a new electricity law and prepare an array of new regulations for the introduction of a power market.

  • In India, Castlerock worked with the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission to prepare new codes and regulations following a new electricity act.

  • In Indonesia, Castlerock prepared a nation-wide inventory of gas flaring, evaluated the technical, economic and financial viability of various options to utilize this gas, and formulated policy and regulatory recommendations to promote the best options.

  • The Government of Indonesia has selected Castlerock to advise on a new pricing and incentive framework for geothermal power. Indonesia has one of the largest geothermal resources in world, totaling some 27,000 MW of potential.

  • Castlerock personnel have previously assisted the Government of Vietnam to develop a framework to (i) integrate future build-own-transfer (BOT) thermal power generation projects into Vietnam's future power market using collar Contracts for Differences (CfDs), (ii) tender for new thermal generation BOT projects accordingly, and (iii) improve coordination between gas sector and power sector planning.